The (New) Joy of Fleece

Well, actually, the joy of new fleece, but the title was too good to waste. This isn’t technically a review; more a little observation.

I only asked for two specific things for Christmas and was fortunate enough to get both of them. The one pertinent to this post was a pair of brushed cotton pyjamas – I love snuggling up in a pair of PJs on a chilly winter night and honestly don’t see the attraction of the now-ubiquitous onesie, as it is far too reminiscent of a babygro to ever feel comfortable wearing one. There is also something comfortingly old-fashioned about brushed cotton; I also have a great fondness for Victorian style nighties (my favourite is red, and reminds me of The Railway Children) but pyjamas are far more practical, as well as being better for slobbing around in on lazy mornings. My lovely Mum got me a pair, but sadly underestimated my current proportions, so is in the process of returning them for me. In the interim, she has lent me a brand new pair of PJs that she received for Christmas last year, as she isn’t really a PJ person.

Mmmm, lovely, fluffy new pyjamas. They aren’t flannelette (else I would have stolen them outright, rather than borrowing them), but have a long-sleeved, ribbed cotton jersey top and blissfully, sinfully fleecy bottoms. New fleece is so wonderfully soft and snuggly; I think it’s one of the easiest fabrics to forget that you’re wearing, until you get too hot. The heat factor is the reason that I prefer flannelette in the long run, but… mmmmm. It’s rather like wearing a hug.