When you wish upon a jar…


As you can see from the picture, today’s title is not my pun either! Many of you might have, as I did, originally discovered Soap And Glory through their amusingly named lipgloss, Sexy Motherpucker. Now, I’m not a fan of having sticky lips, as I hate it when the slightest gust of wind attaches my hair to my mouth, so my tube was rapidly consigned to the bottom of my vanity case. Since that initial encounter, however, they have created an extensive line of retro-styled products with funny, punny names.

I bought my pot of Wish Upon A Jar several months ago, but it languished on the shelf, waiting for me to clear space in my diary so that I could follow the instructions that I must apply it morning and night, after cleaning my face, for 21 consecutive days. After our latest production, my skin was feeling really ropey so, once I’d recovered from the post-show exhaustion, I decided to give it a go. (Admittedly, this was actually a month post-show, due to the inevitable winter lurgy having prolonged the tiredness.) Being in my early 30s, and prone to raising my eyebrows and smiling a lot, I have started to develop some small lines on my forehead, between my eyebrows (ok, I sometimes frown, in amongst all the smiling) and at the corners of my eyes. The box has 4 claims: boosts moisture levels, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, brightens tired skin and hides flaws. I don’t really know what they class as a “flaw”, and suspect that this means that I don’t have any (not, unfortunately, to say that my skin is flawless, but I suspect that things like open pores don’t count as they have other products that address these).

Now… I will admit that I was not quite as strict as demanded by the instructions, but I was far more diligent than I usually am about my skincare and only missed a couple of days (and continued for an extra few days at the end, just in case). This was only just short of miraculous, and is testament to how much I enjoyed using it. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a shiny orb, which I found enticing to start with; I am a complete victim of the “Ooh, shiny!” phenomenon. Once I had twisted apart the hemispheres and removed the plastic lid, the pale pink contents were revealed, looking ever so much like the unguents that my grandmother had applied to her face religiously. It didn’t, however, smell of the slightly flowery perfume that I might have expected of such a retro product, but actually of strawberry-flavoured white chocolate. This made me far more likely to use it, and also to recommend it to my Mum!

My routine while using it was to either wash my face with S&G’s The Greatest Scrub Of All in the shower, or to use their Off Your Face wipes (I told you my skin care regime is a bit lax!), then to apply to my face, neck and the backs of my hands once they were dry. Within 3 days, the dry patches on my cheeks, which I suspect were from a combination of November weather and the fact that I had been doing a quick make-up change twice a day for a week, had disappeared completely and my skin had started to feel moist and plump. Within a week, there was a visible reduction in my fine lines and, by the end of the 3 week period, the lines on my forehead had more-or-less disappeared. By this, I mean that if I frown for a prolonged period they do reappear, but they are no longer visible unless this is the case.

So, to conclude – it did indeed boost my skin’s moisture levels, smooth my lines and brighten my extremely tired skin; I felt positively glowy while using it. I loved it, and have been recommending it to friends and family!


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